About our tours

The Austin Brew Bus is all about exploring Austin craft beer and learning about the craft beer industry. At our various brewery stops, you’ll get to meet the brewers, see how they make their beer, learn about the ingredients they use, and of course, sample some awesome beer. All without worrying about which breweries to visit when, timing, and driving around.

The vehicle we use varies based on the tour size, but regardless of what vehicle is used, a professional driver will ensure you get safely from location to location so you can enjoy your beer samples without worrying. Just make sure you arrange a safe way home! We can help with that too if needed.

Keep in mind that while you will get an opportunity to sample a wide variety of beers on our tour, it is not intended to be a party bus.


While it doesn’t happen often, we reserve the right to cancel any tour date if we do not reach the minimum number of guests for the tour. However, we will always provide you with advance notice and a prompt refund of your money if a tour needs to be canceled.